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Yardley, PA

Arrowhead Lacrosse is dedicated to offering the best instruction to the players who participate in our camps, clinics and personal training. We are also focused on providing competitive leagues to encourage team play, individual development and sportsmanship.


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Wall Ball Routine

Dean Curtis

In order to be your best during the season you need to put in the time in the off season.  Use this routine to hone your stick skills.  

Perform each exercise while standing 4-6 steps from the wall.  Challenge yourself first to get through and attempt each exercise. Once you are comfortable, only count a rep if you make a completed pass.  Do 10 reps of each exercise and record your time.  Every time you complete the cycle set a goal to beat your previous time.  Have a few lacrosse balls ready to go at your feet in case you miss a pass.

Throw / Catch

  • Right / Right
  • Left / Left
  • Right / Backhand Right
  • Left / Backhand Left
  • Right / Right switch Left / Left
  • Right / Left —- Left / Right
  • Bad Pass Right / Right
  • Bad Pass Left / Left
  • Ground Ball Right / Right
  • Ground Ball Left / Left
  • Quick Stick Right / Right (20 reps, 2 steps from the wall)
  • Quick Stick Left / Left (20 reps, 2 steps from the wall)


  • Right / Backhand Right —- Backhand Right / Right
  • Left / Backhand Left —- Backhand Left / Left
  • Right / Over the Shoulder Left
  • Left / Over the Shoulder Left
  • Behind the Back Right / Right
  • Behind the Back Left / Left
  • Around the World Right / Right
  • Around the World Left / Left
  • Right / Right (10 steps from the wall)
  • Left / Left  (10 steps from the wall)